Friday, November 5, 2010

Eucharistic Miracle Asti, Italy 1535

On July 25, 1535, while celebrating Mass at the main altar of the Collegiate Church of San Secondo at about 7:00 o’clock in the morning, a holy priest by the name of Fr. Domenico Occelli prepared to break the Host and noticed that, along the entire break, the Host was becoming red with living Blood. Three drops fell into the chalice and a fourth one remained at the extreme end of the Host. At first, Fr. Domenico continued the celebration of the Mass. But when he broke off the portion of the Host that had to be placed in the chalice, Blood came out of the Host. He could not believe his eyes, and he turned to the people, asking them to come to the altar and observe the miracle. When the priest was about to consume the Host, the Blood  disappeared at once and the Host returned to the natural purity of the Eucharist. These are the facts as described in the translation of the official report sent by Bishop Scipione Roero of Asti to the Holy See and reproduced in the Apostolic Brief of November 6, 1535. In this Apostolic Brief Pope Paul III granted a plenary indulgence to those “who visited the Saint’s church on the day commemorating the miracle and recited three Our Fathers and Three Hail Marys according the intention of the Holy Father.”

According to another document, reproduced in an inscription on marble, on that occasion some heretical soldiers converted to the faith. In those days, Asti was under the dominion of Emperor Charles V, and many of his troops were living in the city. This account is found in the Vatican archives from which a copy was made in 1884 at the request of Canon Longo and is also found in the book of the Company of the Most Blessed Sacrament, founded in the Collegiate Church of San Secondo as far back as 1519. Other testimonies are a 16th century painting in the Chapel of the Crucifixion depicting the miracle, as well as an inscription on marble with the words: Hic ubi Christus Ex Sacro pane Effuso sanguine Exteram vi traxit fidem Astensem roboravit - Here, having shed Blood from the Holy Bread, Christ drew foreigners to the faith.

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