Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eucharistic Miracle Glotowo, Poland 1290

In 1290, due to the invasion of the Lithuanians, a priest from the village of Glotowo buried in a field a silver ciborium plated in gold, with a consecrated Host still in it which he missed by mistake.  The Lithuanian’s troops destroyed the village and the church. None of the survivors knew about the hidden Host.  Only a number of years later, while plowing the field in the spring, a farmer found it by chance, thanks to the strange behavior of his oxen.  They had bowed to the ground in adoration of the Host which was emanating a very bright light.

The animals stopped as if frozen. At first the farmer scolded the beasts, yet paused surprised at the sudden change around him. The light on the field was as if it were noon and a very intense light was coming from the ground shining on the kneeling oxen. The farmer began to dig and noticed that the bright light was coming from a little ciborium covered with dirt. It contained a perfect Host as white as snow.The most ancient documents describe how the miracle happened. The oxen were pulling the plow, behind which the farmer was walking. The sun was setting at the horizon, creating long shadows. The man lifted his eyes and prodded the animals which were going slowly up the hill. All of sudden, the plow got stuck, the oxen pulled harder and on the side they turned over a big clod of earth. 
The news of the extraordinary event spread rapidly among the people, who rushed immediately to the site. The local authorities organized a solemn procession to bring the Host to the church of Dobre Miasto, though according to an ancient chronicle, inexplicably, the Host disappeared and was found at the same spot as the first time. The event was interpreted as a sign from above and a little church dedicated to the Corpus Christi was built on that location. The popularity of Glotowo grew through the centuries and in the eighteenth century the old medieval church was enlarged and consecrated by the bishop Krzysztof Potocki, on July 24, 1726. Even today, every year, the shrine of Glotowo attracts numerous pilgrims who come to venerate the relic

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This is a beautiful Eucharistic miracle! Thank you for sharing!