Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Call to Prayer For Priests

The paragraph below is taken from the Vatican Insider and you can read the rest of the article on the Link below.  For us it is important to pray for Fr. Helmut Schuller (picture on right) and all the Priests in Austria who are causing great harm to themselves and to the Body of Christ.  Their salvation is at stake and we need to pray for this now as it is doing great harm to the whole Church.  Each day we can pray for Fr. Schuller especially and for all those Priests in this movement.  Of course we can do more, by offering the Holy Mass, praying the Holy Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, the Contemplation of the Passion of Christ, the Litany of Saints, the Divine Mercy, and so many other prayers and we can offer our daily sufferings and fast for Mercy for our Church at this time and for all Priests.  

The bishops talk to Rome about the danger of a schism following the ‘Appeal to disobedience’ by Father Hellmut Schüller


Monday afternoon (23rd of January), in the Vatican there was a meeting between the top figures of the Austrian Episcopal Conference and the  representatives of the Roman Dicasteries to discuss the movement led by  Hellmut Schüller.

This movement is supported roughly by three hundred clerics and it openly disobeys the Roman Catholic Church with theories bordering on heresy, moreover now it wants to spread abroad creating an international net open to priests of other nations and continents.

For Pope Benedict and the Roman Curia it is time to take action against this separatist movement.  Schüller himself, inseveral interviews, did not deny his will to disengage from Rome and he added that there are priests from other countries like France, Germany and Australia wanting to join the initiative.

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Anne F. Cahalan said...

No Priests, No Eucharist....Let us Pray.