Friday, July 20, 2012

Divine Love Made Flesh, By Cardinal Raymond Burke

A new book of theology by the head of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signature, Cardinal Raymond L Burke, has been publicly endorsed as “a great way to introduce yourself to the teachings of the Church on the Eucharist,” by the papal nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown.

Speaking in Cork on his first visit to the city since his arrival in Ireland in February, Archbishop Brown urged the Irish faithful to read and engage with Divine Love Made Flesh, which draws from two papal documents on the Eucharist.
He formally launched the new book at the closing session of the three-day Fota International Liturgy Conference and described the work as, “accessible,” and providing, “a study guide to two incredibly important documents of the Magisterium; the final encyclical of John Paul II on the holy Eucharist: Ecclesia de Eucharistia and, Sacramentum Caritatis, Pope Benedict’s apostolic exhortation.”

"What Cardinal Burke has done, in a very beautiful and at the same time easily digestible and yet profound way, is write a commentary on these two documents," the former CDF official said.  He added that the book, "summarises and helps us as priests and lay people to penetrate more deeply the profound theology of the Eucharist as given by these two great Holy Fathers.”

"The book is not simply about the liturgy, it is about the theology of the Eucharist.  It is good for every single Catholic – Irish or non-Irish – to deepen their faith in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  It is a very important topic,” he said.

Describing the Church in Ireland as at an, “interesting,” and, “intermediary,” period in its history, Archbishop Brown urged parishes, priests and the lay faithful to study the book as part of the Year of Faith.  “We are between the Eucharistic Congress which has just finished and we are about to begin the Year of Faith in October, and in that intermediary period I think there is really no better tool to guide us than this book by Cardinal Burke,” the papal nuncio said.

He suggested that if the book was, “read widely in Ireland and the USA and other places in the English-speaking world, it will have a great effect on the Church’s life and love for Jesus in the Eucharist,” because it translated and made very digestible and accessible the teachings of the late John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI on the Eucharist.

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